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Horses have always been a part of my life. Growing up in Victoria I would often be found riding my bike from Monterey elementary school with a pocket full of carrots heading to the horse stables - now Henderson Rec Centre.  There I learned horse care, cleaning hooves, grooming and mucking stalls.  After months of volunteering, the owner allowed me to lead the horses for their cool down after being ridden.  Interestingly, my desire wasn't really to ride them, but to just touch them, be in their company, this was my happy place.

Over the years, having access to horses have come and gone depending what was happening in my life. Now with 30 years as a Massage Therapist, I am back and feeling privilage to support both horses and their humans with body work.

Eve Head Shot.jpg

Why I do this work ~

I experience an authentic connection with each horse I work with and I respond to their subtle body language when they feel discomfort.  We then work together to resolve those areas of tension and soreness. Feeling the tension dissolve and watching the horses response is the greatest reward from the work I do.

Eve Gordon, BA, CEMT, Doula
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