Eve's Bio


After 30 years as a Massage Practitioner for humans, it's now a privilege to serve my Equine Community.

Horses have always being a part of my life, and in 2019, I become certified in Equine Massage Therapy.  I now share my skills with both horses and humans, offering mobile chair massage to owners, coaches, staff and guests.


I hold certificates in Equine First Aid and Fire Prevention & Emergency Preparedness through Guelph University, Ontario.  I am based in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia and travel throughout the Province serving my Equine clients. 

Whether you have performance horses, working horses, or a backyard pet, I believe they should all have equal access to professional and affordable care to alleviate discomfort and enhance health and performance.

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Eve Gordon, BA, CEMT

Why I do this work ~

I experience an authentic connection with each horse I work with and I respond to their subtle body language when they feel discomfort.  We then work together to resolve those areas of tension and soreness. Feeling the tension in the muscles slip away is the greatest reward from the work I do.

In my free time, I volunteer with Hope for Wildlife & Massaging Horses at Therapeutic Riding Associations. You will also find me in nature taking pictures, creating art, and enjoy live music.