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Therapeutic Riding Association, Aylsford, NS

Eve Gordon of Equine Remedy kindly treated Toby and Jerry to massages this morning. After a busy fall session, we know they both loved having some extra attention! Thank you Eve!

Katie Roberts, Program Coordinator


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Langley Therapeutic Riding, Langley, BC

The horses will be the big winners here.  Eve not only brings 30 years of massage and soft tissue experience to her work but has an authentic desire to help horses.  Professional, direct, honesty and compassion is what Eve bring to the barn. 

Sidonia McIntyre, National Equine Massage Therapy Instructor.

Ambleside Farm, Victoria, BC

Thanks so much Eve for working on Carly.  Since her massage session, she has been more willing to rock back and jump.  I have also noticed a huge improvement in her shoulder mobility and she is able to bend left now.  All in all, a happier and healthier horse.  We will be seeing you again.

Brittany Tuner, Trainer

Eve - Therapeutic Riding Association 202

Graham Dunden Guest Ranch, Cariboo, BC

Eve's visits are always a highlight for our horses and for ourselves.  Her highly appreciated massages are extremely and deeply relaxing.  A wonderful treat for body and soul.  The horses can't stop chewing and licking.  We are looking forward to your next visit as well as all our horses.

Wolfgang & Barbara Pessler, Owners

Big Creek Lodge, Chilcotin, BC

The connection between Eve and the horses is just amazing.  We have never seen the horses so relaxed and satisfied.  After her empathic massage, the horses all walked with greater mobility.  Thank you so much for giving the horses a time out, they so deserved it.

Kathi Spoerle, Wrangler

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RASTA, Sanctuary, Chemainus, BC

Eve at Equine Remedy graciously stopped by again to volunteer and do some massage therapy on some of our seniors, and a few others that were willing to come over and check her out.  Watching the animals, it's safe to say, she's popular around here.  Even some of our more shy residents, such as Jenny the Donkey, were willing to sit for a massage.  I mean, who wouldn't be? A big thank you again Eve!

Big Bar Guest Ranch, Cariboo, BC

Working with Eve was such a great pleasure!  She is incredibly down to earth and professional.  She has done a few of our horses, dogs and staff members.  I highly recommend her services a few time a year.  I have seen great improvement in the mobility of my animals and the demeanor of my staff.  We are all looking forward to her next visits.

Elyse Godard, Ranch Manager

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Big Creek Lodge, Chilcotin, BC

Eve has magic hands! As a wrangler working with the horses all summer, I came to her with pain in my shoulder.  After her chair massage session, I felt such relief in my shoulder as well as my whole body.

Maddi Herrgoss, Wrangler

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