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Equine & Human Massage

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With 30 years experience as a Massage Therapist, I am also privileged to serve my equine community.

I assess your horse from head to hoof and through their subtle body language, identify sensitive and sore areas of their body.  We then work together to alleviate that soreness so they can perform to the best of their condition.


Whether you have a performance horse or back yard pet, I believe all animals should have access to professional and affordable care.

I hold Equine First Aid and Large Animal Rescue as well as Barn Safety and Emergency Barn/Animal Evacuation from Guelph University.  I can assess your barn for fire hazards and provide valuable direction should you ever find yourself faced with a devastating emergency event.

Equine Massage $150

Human Massage $100

Payment: Square Tap VISA / Debit / Cash / E-Transfer

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